Do you even podcast bro?


I spend a fair bit of time in a car and as much as I love my music, I have begun to enjoy listening to people talking on some long journeys. Talk Sport, Radio 4 and Five Live all have some appeal at certain times of the day/week. But on demand is where we are at these days and schedules and my car journeys don’t always coincide with good radio so I’ve taken to listening to podcasts of late.

Here’s my quick guide to some mountain bike related podcasts that you might find interesting:

Singletracks Mountain Bike News –

Singletracks is always a good listen if you want to listen to veiws on various types of bike tech and trends. They usually get some great updates from Sea Otter and often have interesting chats on wheel sizes, plus tyres, 1x drive chains etc.

They discuss trails and travel, however its a US podcast and its very rare that you will hear them talk about anywhere outside of the US.  They are pretty knowledgeable guys and the podcast covers bike packing as well as the usual bike tech. I was surprised to hear one episode where they discussed us Brits having a rather unique taste for steel frames.

The podcast is a companion to the hugely successful website of the same name and usually there are blog posts and articles to compliment the discussion topics. Its a good listen and you will hear the same guys each week talking bikes and trails mostly from a US perspective.

The HKT Podcast –

I discovered the HKT podcast a month or two ago when I bought my firts issue of Sender Magazine and the podcast had Olly Forster on discussing his career in riding, journalism and how Sender was put together. Instantly I was hooked on this podcast.

Its a interview based format and Davi gets some great guests on there usually for about an hour’s chat.  Fave’s have been Kathy Sessler, Olly Wilkins, Jasper Flashman and the latest episode features Martyn Ashton.

The DownTime Podcast –

Similar to the HKT podcast, Chris does a fortnightly interview with some excellent guests.  I have really enjoyed listening to interviews with Katy Curd and Phil Atwill recently.

This is a new one for me and haven’t listened to much yet but there was an interesting interview with Manon Carpenter that is a curious listen when you find she quit downhill about a week later.  It was obviously on her mind or even in motion (just not public news) as the interview was taking place.

Both HKT and Downtime are UK based and with interviews with top DH legends such as Greg Minnar and the Santa Cruz Syndicate Manager Kathy Sessler under both their belts these guys are certainly pulling in the big names in the industry.

I haven’t found any other MTB podcasts that I like yet, if you have any suggestions pop them in the comments below.


Vital MTB – The Inside Line –,2016

After a suggestion from Tim Jenkins below, I have now added the Vital MTB podcast to my list. The Inside Line so far has delivered some great content from Sven Martin (link above) talking about his life as a mountain bike photographer and the great interview with Brendon Fairclough and Clay Porter at what sounds like days before the release of DeathGrip Movie.

Go check that out too…


5 thoughts on “Do you even podcast bro?

      1. The VitalMTB podcast goes out fortnightly on Wednesday. The Brendog and Clay Porter Deathgrip one was good.

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