Practice Practice Practice

New (ok second hand) bike days don’t come along too often unless you are some lucky journo or team rider who gets regular free stuff and upgrades.  Even if its got to go back its still fun to have a bike for a month or two to ride for a review.

So its exciting when normal people like me get a “new” bike…

Practice Practice Practice

Trying to improve my general riding skills (and have lots of fun of course) is something I strive to do at every opportunity. If its pushing myself on jumps, or steep terrain or even simply riding further, higher and more efficiently – everyday I like to try new stuff or practice rusty or new skills.

I’ve been doing some Ryan Leech online courses and as a matter of course now practice track stands and wheelies on every ride.

Saracen Amplitude CR2

So what’s this bike all about, you may ask?  You probably don’t care, but I’m gonna tell you. Its about fun, manuals, jumps and watching too many Brandon Semenuk videos!

They (who are they?) say “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”, well at 45, I’m getting older but still feel I have plenty of time to learn new tricks. Just so long as I’m sensible and don’t try to learn really really hard ones that will result in me getting hurt.

Goals for the future – jump or manual?

This BMX race track proved to be the perfect spot for me to ride the Saracen jump bike for the first time.  Honing my pumping technique and getting started on proper manuals was the order of the day and I felt that in the hour i stole after work, I managed to get really comfortable on the bike and master some basics.

The combination of bike and the bmx track meant that it was smooth and designed exactly for the job.  A manual through an 8-10 foot double and dropping the front wheel smoothly on the transition felt really good.

Once this has been well and truly dialed it will be time to move on to the whoops to try and get over 3-4 humps in one go and then to maybe start doubling some of them!

I am sure I will be buzzing when the improvement comes and show you the evidence.

Hope you like my silly little edit – please subscribe and comment on Youtube. Please!

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