The Chilterns with MTB Guiding

Tom Hutton // MTB Guide // Map Geek // Photographer

Well I had a cracking day on Sunday. Seeing my good friend Tom Hutton had strayed out of the mountains of Snowdonia on MBR Magazine business (and not too far from where I live) I asked if I could tag along for the ride and so I joined him and Steph in the Chilterns.

Me // Looking very colour coordinated I think you’ll agree

Riding new locations is one of my fave things to do on a mountain bike.  It doesn’t have to be big mountains, or gnarly down hills – sometimes a change of scenery is good enough to keep the biking soul topped up with good feelings.

But throw in some sunshine and some fast dry and dusty single track and I’m a very happy chappy!

Steph // Staying left and watching our for horses

Tom was on “magazine duty” – which basically means scoping out routes all over the country and mapping them for you to follow in a future issue of MBR Magazine. Yes this was work!  I know!!!! Nice work if you can get it!

Tom and Steph // MTB Guiding // Route planning

Tom’s love of the outdoors and maps (self confessed map geek) as well as his years of built up “local” knowledge, means he has a real knack and unique skill in being able to design routes all over the country.

We had a cracking day out, riding around 40km such locations as Christmas Common and Pishill  (still not entirely sure how to pronounce that). Also taking photos and making trail notes so that the weekends hard work could some day make it to a magazine page near you with turn by turn instructions and map coordinates.


For some of Tom’s own photos from his weekend riding in the Chilterns take a look at his Facebook page here, they are better than mine!

And for more details of Tom Hutton’s guiding business visit the website here.

Mountains and mountain biking are a way of life for Tom, who is a self-confessed bike geek, map geek and lover of wild places. He is probably best-known as a guidebook writer and the man behind MBR Magazine’s pull-out route guides, but his passion and infectious enthusiasm have also made him a much sought after guide and instructor.  – MTB Guiding / BIO

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