Cold Fingers: It Snow Joke

SealSkin Gloves
It Snow Joke

Its been more than 24 hours since I returned from my ride and my fingers still tingle from a horrible experience on my Sunday morning ride.

I’ve had cold hands before but never this cold and absolutely never since buying/wearing a set of SealSkinz winter cycling gloves. So what happened?

It was cold yesterday, there’s no doubt about that but I have been out in colder weather recently – my trip to North Wales was bitterly cold. Was the so called “wind chill factor” that bad yesterday? Or have my gloves “worn out”?

Best practice is to put warm hands into your gloves, as with a sleeping bag, warmth generated from within is the only way you will stay warm.  I may have been a bit slack with some faffing about and did stop early on to check a meeting time on Facebook as I thought I was late.  But I didn’t think my hands were out of the gloves long enough for any real cold to set it.

After about 30 mins of pedaling I started to feel a bit queezy – I thought I had pushed myself hard up our first climb and maybe exerted myself too much, but as we stopped for a breather I began to feel really ill.  I opted to leave the gang and turn around and return home, a mostly road ride of around 5 miles.

By the time I got home I had stopped 3 times, started to feel faint and began to lose all feeling in my fingers. I could no longer feel the shifter or the brakes, making riding a very odd and slightly dangerous experience as I was grabbing brakes fully rather than feathering or modulating in anyway.

It took around an hour before I could touch anything and during that time I was in excruciating pain. If I had been silly and not worn my winter gloves I could understand but these gloves have been fantastic for 4 years and worked fine up until now. I should add the rest of me, including toes and torso were absolutely fine.

So this post has two purposes:

  1. A reminder to make sure you wear sensible winter cycling clothing
  2. And to ask “is it possible for my gloves to have stopped insulating my fingers?”

If you have any glove recommendations, similar stories or any thoughts on why my gloves simply didn’t work yesterday please comment below.

2 thoughts on “Cold Fingers: It Snow Joke

    1. Gary mine have been fine for 4 years – yesterday was very odd. Not thrown them out just yet, gonna use them as “normal” gloves.. I was recommended some Enduras that I bought yesterday – waiting for the CRC delivery now

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