Forget last weeks GoPro advice

Last week I said – “Chest cam footage is boring!”

Its is mostly, unless your are watching something Kurt Sorge hitting the 2016 RedBull Rampage course.

This has a certain appeal as you can feel the 50 foot gap jumps and vertical drops.

I don’t ride like this, so if I want anyone to watch or even be a little bit interested in my videos I need to do something different. My tips for ONLY using one angle such as the chest mount:

1. Keep the video short – 1 minute or so
2. Within the video keep the clips to a few seconds each
3. If you want to show long sections of the same bit if trail, just chop a second or two out of it along the way. It may look jerky at times, but this is a far more interesting in my opinion.
4. Maybe add some music – be careful as Youtube is a bit fussy on the copyright – Music is especially useful if you want to cover up swearing, shouting or to make a longer video a little more appealing

So once again with some music courtesy of Youtube’s library of tunes

If you have any more tips please post them below…


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