The DownHill Yearbook – your new Christmas Annual?


I used to love getting a new “annual” for Christmas. Star Wars, Beano, Batman – whatever it was it would keep me occupied for weeks.  New comic strips, pictures to colour in, trivia, character bios, competitions etc.  It became an easy item for my Christmas list and would go in pride of place on my book shelves as my collections would grow.

Times change and I don’t get annuals for Christmas anymore for obvious reasons, I don’t really read comics but I am tempted to start on The Walking Dead…  But what has just been launched from some MTB industry folk – photographers and journos from the likes of DIRT, is what I hope will become my new Christmas Annual.

I give you Hurly Burly…. Well I don’t, but you know what I mean…

With contributions from – Alan Milway | Martin Whiteley | Nigel Reeve | Rachael Walker | Mike Rose | Victor Lucas | Chris Ball | Chris Kilmurray | Steve Jones | Paul Aston | John Parkin | Boris Beyer | Myriam Nicole | Ben Greenland | Ric McLaughlin

its a 200 page “hit-by-hit account” of the 2016 World Cup series and World Championships.

I’ve ordered mine and can’t wait to thumb through it.. Go find out more and get your copy at:


Photos Courtesy of DownHill YearBook


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