1,2,3 and 417

I never could count. OK so I could a bit and got a flippin’ good solid A in my Maths O level (yes I am just about that age)…

Anyway….. Last Friday evening I went to the 417 Bike Park near Cheltenham just off the A417 – see what they did?  And well I loved it!

Me and a friend only did 5 runs (Red x2, Black x2 and Blue x1) but after that and a play on the very smallest of the dirt jumps we were ready for some food.

The Trails

Excellent. Limited choice but the facility hasn’t been open long. With 2 Red options, a Black and a Blue, all of which cross about a quarter of the way down – you have enough options for a few hours playing and can even mix the top 3rd and bottom two 3rds to give you some combinations.

Reds, Black and a Blue sounds like a lot but note these are downhill trails that only take a few minutes to complete.

There is also the aforementioned Dirt Jumps – not for the feint hearted, a dual slalom course and a 4x track.  And there is an indoor pump track (built by Velosolutions) and an indoor dirt jumps too.

So there’s plenty to do.

From the video above you will see there are plenty of jumps and berms to master and the Black trail has some steep chutes and gap jumps to get your head around.

The Food

Burger, side salad and chips for £7.00 – great value and very tasty!  Nice facilities too.

The Price

The topic that rears its head in all conversations about the 417 Bike Park is the price. At £33 for a day some folks are complaining but I don’t think its that bad if you are able to use all the tracks and jumps – this includes the Uplift by the way.

I am not convinced the evening session prices are such good value – £5 to get in and £15 for 5 uplifts. But you make your own mind up.

My suggestion is to go and see for yourself. Its not BikePrkWales, but for me at least its an hour and a Severn Bridge Toll closer so I can forgive the variety for the convenience.

There are many other trails you can ride in the surrounding hills is you know them – but my thoughts are you should support ventures like this.

I’ll be going again soon…

Full breakdown of the prices can be seen here

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