The Foundry Skills Area at Coed Y Brenin
The Sideways Slab at Coed Y Brenin

This year I have been focusing on improving my skills and basically plucking up the courage to do more stuff on the bike.

It started with a trip to UK Bike Skills and has continued with me pushing myself where ever I get the chance.

I have been to Coed y Brenin a few times and never been to the “skills area”. Many people over look this part of  trail centre, dismissing it as a simple pump track or a kids play area. Well The Foundry (Y Ffowndri in Welsh) at Coed y Brenin is anything but!

The Foundry has a great selection of trail features and crams some pretty gnarly stuff into a small “training” zone.  The Black and Red runs on the Single Track Zone are short but highly technical trails with a very good representation of what to expect out on the Beast or MBR trails.

I found myself playing on the Lemming Stone and the Sideways Slab. The Lemming Stone is a progressive drop feature that you can practice on low until you get the nerve to go over the centre. The Sideways Slab is also progressive and is where you can try to drop in sideways off the trail, like dropping in on a BMX bowl.

There’s also a small gravity fed pump track and enough to keep yo distracted from the trails (the min reason you are here) for an hour if you are not careful!

So don’t dismiss the Skills Area if you are going to Coed y Brenin – give it a go and bring your skills on!

Y Ffowndri

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