Heaven Of The South

What a fantastic event HOTS is.  I have never been before but my MTB mates from MB Swindon had said its one of their favourites of the year. They are not wrong. A big social weekend revolving around riding bikes and making money for charity – would could be better.

It all starts Friday night with a social gathering featuring some great food and drink from Beckys Bhajis and The Wild Cider Co .  Pitch your tents and get some rest for the big day ahead.

Saturday is a 9.30 ride start time once 400 or so riders have had breakfast and wondered why they drank so much on Friday night.

The ride is well marshaled and marked out with a basic 50k loop and 3 optional extras to top it up to 75km if you are for it.  With no race cut off as such (though you will be left alone while everyone else is drinking), you can take as long as you like, which is handy as some stop for a pub lunch as well as feasting on free bananas and flap jacks at the feed/water stations.

HOTS photo – Courtesy of Andrew Musty

Its non competitive and the atmosphere and camaraderie is great.

Come Saturday night, there’s more socialising (drinking), eating and comparing stories from the day. Followed by a huge raffle and some charity auctions.

It was a great event and one that I will be looking out for again next year.

For more details – http://www.heavenofthesouth.co.uk/


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