Antur Stiniog – Yeah baby!

This time last week I wont deny I was a little nervous. I’d seen the centre before and it looked scary, it looked bare and it looked like it was going to hurt.

I’m not a fast rider but I do like riding steep trails – Antur Stiniog was going to deliver the steep side and the speed like it or not!

First thing to notice was how under dressed we all felt. This is a purely gravity assisted bike park and 75% of the riders were on full DH rigs and wearing as much body armour as they could. What were we doing?

The Blue run was a belter and enough for some of the group. Recalibrate your trail grading here as this is a Blue DH run not a Blue XC trail.

The Wild Cart (Red) trail was a blast and treats you to some steep chutes, good sized drops  and plenty of steep turns and jumps. Gary and I coped well so we stepped up to Black Powder and buckled in for our first go on the Black! And we survived!

Basically it was an amazing day and its a spot that will push your riding to another level. However I would also add that its not as scary as I thought it would be.

Take your pads and a full face helmet, take your time and you will have an awesome day.

The uplift is pretty slick and smooth as it takes you up tarmac roads rather than bumpy fire road. And the food in the cafe is great too, but it small and gets busy at lunch time so get in early.

The uplift stops for lunch and there’s no push up track, but there is a small gravity fed pump track for you to practice on.


I’d thoroughly recommend a day at Antur Stiniog – so go and book yourself on the uplift now!


2 thoughts on “Antur Stiniog – Yeah baby!

  1. We had a great day there last year.. coming from an xc background the feeling of your rear tyre buzzing the boys as you lean off the back of a big drop takes some getting used to! 🙂

  2. Another amazing looking part of Wales I have a pathological need to visit. That looks awesome Tim and you are not as slow as you make out!

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