Rooty Route

If you are getting bored of my video posts, you might want to tune out now cos I am loving my GoPro Session at the moment.

Today’s little edit was shot while out with a few of the gang from MB Swindon this morning near Stroud (Gloucestershire, England for my international followers!).  A club ride is usually given a name and Gary called this “Back to my Roots”.

The trails were greasy – especially the off camber roots! Didn’t stop us having loads of fun on the singletrack and bombholes a plenty.

This edit has too much behind the bars POV footage for my liking, but sometimes it can’t be helped. I decided to use the timelapse that I used to take a group photo as part of the clip and I think it worked really well.

Gary’s ride name meant the music choice was already bagged but I put a twist on it with Faithless to kick things off. Hope you enjoyed it. Please share it, tweet it, like it what ever your social media network is of choice.

Thanks, oh and please leave a comment too!

3 thoughts on “Rooty Route

  1. Nice edit chap.. I’ve got a go pro which spends far too much time in the box, I’m going to make an effort to just record rides having seen that. Question, what’s the music? Sounds like faithless but don’t recognise the song?

    1. It’s Faithless. No Album No Roots, track 9 No Roots. I edited out the Sister Bliss vocals to go straight to this part. It’s a good faithless album I think.

      Thanks by the way, I am enjoying making short films. And don’t tell anyone it’s a lot easier than you think!

      1. Thanks chap. It’s the one album I don’t have! Short films are the way to go I reckon rather than waiting for the big days out 🙂

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