Lets Break It Down

10km run
10km run profile

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you will have noticed I went for a run yesterday. Exciting I know!  Well I have been trying again to help my bike fitness by adding some other exercise to my routine.  Running is an easy one to fit in to short spaces of time and if I get fit enough, I am sure I will find some pleasure in trail running at some point.

Anyway, just for fun here’s a breakdown of each kilometer and my final analysis:

1km 6:17/km
As I began my legs felt really heavy and I wasn’t sure how far I was going to. This is about a minute off my recent pace on 5km runs.

2km 6:19/km
Time to start making decisions “Why didn’t I go out on my bike?”

3km 7:09/km
First turn back point past. This is now definitely at least a 5km run and my slowest by far.

4km 7:14/km
Why am I doing this? Its raining now and I’m going up hill! And I have just realised this is going to be 10km loop.  No going to quit!

5km 5:55/km
That’s better. Its getting flatter along here, even down hill a little bit!

6km 6:38/km
Back onto tarmac and its kind of flat. Why am I slowing? I am now running further than I usually run and its started to rain heavier and I have turned into the wind!

7km 5:58/km
Now this is better, though the track by the road is quite uneven. Pick up the pace a little, but watch those ankles.

8km 4:59/km
Smoother and downhill – this is more like it. If I can keep this up I can just about do the 60 minutes I was hoping for and that looked beyond my grasp half an hour ago!

9km 4:57/km
Even better, though I’m feeling the strain of running for 50+ minutes now! Keep pushing!

10km 5:05/km
Do I continue straight on down the road (flatter) or make the turn back home with the gentle incline?  Wrong choice!  If I had kept on the slight gradient going down I am sure I could have taken 30 seconds off…

Final Analysis
It was a bit of a mind game in the end and I was talking out loud to myself during the last 2 km and trying to push knowing there was a slim chance of making it in under an hour. Just overshooting slightly was probably the better result as I now have something to prove to myself next time round.

Perhaps a late night and a lot of pizza on Saturday didn’t help the start so next time some planning I am confident of doing less than 1 hour.

The following article made me feel quite positive about my effort today too. 60 mins and a few seconds seems perfectly respectable to me!

Joggers or casual runners will hit the finish line at a range of slower times — generally between 45 and 75 minutes, depending on the fitness of the jogger.



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