Video hosting services for bloggers

video services for bloggers
video services for bloggers

Today I am going to give a brief overview of three video hosting sites for your bike videos.  There are a few other options out there but I am going to take a quick look at the ones I have used with some basic Pro’s and Con’s.


Its the original and still the most widely used video hosting service. Its also part of Google.


  • Its the first place someone will go to look for a video. Get your hashtags and your channel settings right and your video should be listed when someone searches for “BikeParkWales GoPro”
  • As its part of Google your video should also be more easily found in the worlds most popular search engine
  • There are many post editing features to add titles, embed links and add some special effects


  • Adverts! Its a money making pay per click paradise full of adverts
  • Music licensing is heavily controlled and many of your favourite songs may not work on some platforms
  • Its and aggressive environment. Expect nasty comments about your riding and your bike!
  • There is so much content – even if you have your hashtags etc in order, you are going to get lost among the millions of videos


Vimeo is a slightly more professional environment and encourages quality uploads and provides lots of guidance on how to do so.


  • No adverts. Yes that’s right no adverts and banners to distract your viewers
  • Not trolled – it simply seems to be frequented by sensible people
  • Maybe, just maybe you will be discovered as a serious film maker


  • Limited audience and exposure
  • Less likely to feature in a Google Search
  • Limited uploads per month, unless you pay


So PinkBike is a huge social media beast for cyclists, allowing blogging, photos, buying and selling and of course providing you with news and the ability to follow your favorite riders and brands.


  • Its bike specific content
  • Your video can be found by type of riding (Freeride, XC etc)
  • If using PinkBike for blogging you can only use PinkBike hosted videos (and photos)


  • The audience is limited to only bike enthusiasts. You may want people to see your editing skills not your riding.
  • You can’t easily embed PinkBike videos into some blogging platforms making it difficult to share


If you have anything to add to this please comment below…

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