In Search of a Story

TimFromWales Blog
Hello. Its me…

The life of the bike blogger is a tough and sometimes lonely one. We are on a constant search for original and interesting content that you wont find in a bike magazine or any where else on the web.

You won’t find this in a bike magazine!

Original content is hard enough to write, but when biking is not your day job and you are not an industry insider or celebrity blogger, its simply not possible to be first with the latest news or to provide an “expert” opinion on the latest gear. Especially when you are not really expert!

For starters I can’t afford the latest gear – I can afford some gear but obviously not the same quantity as bike magazines are flooded with for testing and reviewing etc. So content has to take on a more personal angle.

TimFromWales Blog
Personal angles

But who really cares about my weekly rides or photos of my new narrow wide chain ring? No-one really.  I know there are a few of you out there who read my blogs, cos you tell me and I appreciate it. But the real trick is to write something original and hopefully funny.

TimFromWales Blog
Different perspectives

So today’s original content is about BIKE SELFIES. Yes, taking photos of yourself and of course your bike. Us cyclists love to take photos. Yes you do, even you!!!

We love a bike photo and can be seen with our bikes at all the iconic trail centre features, the nice views, by the gnarled old tree or leaning against the gate to the cheeky singletrack we love to ride.  We really do love a bike photo. We love to show our mates on Facebook and on Instagram what our bike looks like leaning against that post or that rock, hoping that they will “like” the picture and desperately wait for the immortal words:

“Where’s that mate, looks cool?”

This is the social media invite to talk about what an amazing ride you had, how brilliant the trail was, how the new tyres gripped or how much they charged for a cup of tea and a slice of Victoria sponge. We love it, we feed off it and we all do it without exception. And we all hate it when no-one comments or “likes” the photo.

TimFromWales Blog
Where are my friends?

But bike photos are easy, but they can get a little dull so the subject of the photo has to become more original.  The problem arises when you want to be seen in that photo yourself and you are on your own. Maybe you want a new profile picture on your chosen social media platform. Maybe you think you look really cool in your new trail t shirt (I know I do).

Selfie sticks and remote controls are great and you can get some fantastic photos, but you have to have thick skin.

Once your friends or wife (true story) realise that you have been out taking photos of yourself, be prepared for the stick, the ridicule and the piss-taking.

Remember by posting that pic you are saying to the world “don’t I look cool” – and here it is folks, you don’t!  I know, shocker. Only hot female cyclists (well actually Hanna Barnes mostly) look great in bike selfies the rest of us look like confused, awkward middle aged men in dirty clothes standing in front of a tree.


Our model is wearing/using in these photos (taken by a GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition):

  • Genesis CDF Cyclocross Bike – not a road bike
  • Fox Flux Helmet – I could really do with a new one
  • Specialized BG Primo SPD shoes – can’t believe how they have lasted
  • Tenn Outdoors Whisper Jacket – new and liking it.
  • Trail 42 (not visible) Trail T Shirt – nice!
  • Dare2B Mounted Shorts (thanks for the recommendation Jay)
  • SockGuy Welsh Socks – Welsh!
  • Lidl Cycling Glasses – Cheap!


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