Messing about in the woods

This wont be the fasted edit you will watch today, but you are subscribed to my blog so this is the sort average riding you have come to expect.

This is a short edit of my first visit to a local spot called The Clump. It was originally a place where some mountain boarders built some tracks – hence the name of the main track is called Boarders.

I have been told about this place and have been meaning to get up there for a visit for ages, so finally on a wet and muddy November morning I did. Not the best choice of days for my first visit but the sketchy conditions helped to keep me focused.

This place has a bunch of short runs from 200 to 500 meters in length and are ideal for sessioning and honing your skills on jumps and drops.

As usual, I had a great time on the Vitus Escarpe, and as usual came away wishing I had “hit that jump”.


After watching my little video back I could see how I jumped about a bike length going over a small drop and a very slow speed.  The step down I wanted to hit required me to jump a little more than a bike length and with in a run in that allowed a lot more speed.

I need to man up and be more confident!  A trip to see the Jedi Master is in order I think.

Apologies if you follow me on Twitter and Facebook and have already seen this video.

3 thoughts on “Messing about in the woods

  1. Jez is an excellent guide. I’ve ridden a few Wednesday evenings with him there, always good fun. Glad you enjoyed it.

    Jedi will sort you out, even if you get on one of his public course days.

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