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Win a Stanton Switchback Ti
Win a Stanton Switchback Ti

I have a problem with competitions.

Firstly I don’t win them. Actually lets face it that is the nub of this post. I don’t win competitions! I am not talking about bike races or creative writing competitions – I don’t enter them – I am ranting about those competitions on Facebook and Twitter that not only ask me to enter (which I often do), but then they ask me to get other people to enter the competition by tweeting about it or posting on my wall, therefore reducing my chances of winning!!!

Ok, I understand that this is a marketing activity, use your 1000’s of social media followers to spread the word.

But I don’t want to tell anyone else about your brilliant competition, I want to win your hydration pack, cleaning products, bike lights and most definitely your shiny titanium hard tail frame!

But I guess this is the way of the world today and this is a demonstration of social media at work. So for now, I will continue to share your competitions and by my very actions, watch my own chances of winning get smaller and smaller.

And if you haven’t already done so, go and enter the Stanton competition to win a beautiful Stanton Switchback frame.  You might as well, cos I won’t win!

This particular competition closes on the 15th of November so be quick!

There you go Stanton, I shared your competition.

And I realise by doing this post my chances of winning are now zero! If my name is miraculously pulled out of the social media hat it will probably be put back for fear of it looking like a fix… Oh well…

This blog post was brought to you by the letters “sarcasm” and “irony” and the number “tongue in cheek”.

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