Review – Booicore Changing Towel

Booicore - Changing Towel
Revenge of the Muddy Sith!

Remember those days when you used to change in and out of your sandy swimmers on the beach when you were younger?  Your Mum would hold the towel around you promising you that no-one could see your tiny little butt and stuff…  Well, here’s the news – everyone could see around the back!

Now, do you remember the days changing in the car park after a muddy bike ride in the middle of the winter? Of course you do.  Rolling down wet socks, pulling a sodden jersey over your head and trying to dance about on the gravel like a baby whilst simultaneously peeling off yours shorts lining that has somehow formed a vacuum around your junk, all the time holding a tiny towel around your waist and trying not to drop your clean boxers in the puddle you have managed to stand in!

Well have no fear cos Mum 2.0 is here! And this time she has you covered!

The Booicore Changing Towel comes in two colours at the time of me typing this and in one huge coverall size…

Made from 100%/400g cotton towelling its a heavy towel with a hood and a poncho style pocket at the front.  Its perfect for getting naked with your mates and of course for changing on the trail.

It comes in a handy draw string bag and is simply a must for the winter months.

Visit the Booicore website and get yourself one NOW and a T shirt while your at it!

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