Airshot – Review

AirShot Tyre Inflator
AirShot Tyre Inflator

Not sure how to review this extremely simple but effective device but here goes.

AirShot has been developed to help you with the inflation of tubeless tyres. I have steered away from tubeless as I didn’t really understand the benefits for starters but also there was a concern that I wouldn’t be able to get sufficient tyre pressure, without a compressor.

You “fill” the AirShot with a normal track pump – pumping to a max of 11 bar or 160 psi.

This effectively results in your having your own little canister of compressed air.

Now connect to either Presta or Schraeder valves (it works with both) on your wheel/tyre and release the valve.

The compressed air rushes out far quicker than you can pump enough pressure by hand to snap the tyre into place.

And that’s it! It really is that simple! It has been a God send for me as I had a tubeless nightmare seating tyres this week (long story).

Go get one now!

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