Tubeless (At Last)

Gorilla Tape Fix
Gorilla Tape Fix

As I have already mentioned this week, I have had some issues going to a tubeless setup with my WTB rims and tyres. Well its all good now that I have ditched the STANS conversion kit and used some Gorilla Tape!

Yes Gorilla Tape. The 25mm wide tape fits my rim profile perfectly and as you may be aware it is incredibly strong and water (sealant) resistant.

Thanks to some great advice from Vitus customer services I bought a role of this from B&Q this morning (£2.50), some valves from Hargroves (£3.00 each) and along with the sealant I have from the STANS kit my wheels are now without tubes!

I am sure not many bike shops will advocate the use of Gorilla Tape, but I can certainly say it worked a treat.

Fingers crossed it stays up and then its time to figure out the tyre pressures.

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