RTFM and Don’t Panic

STANS No Tubes / Airshot
STANS No Tubes / Airshot

Yes, read the manual (or talk to the bike/rim manufacturer), do some research and don’t be hasty and go out and buy what you think is the right equipment for your tubeless set up!

My woes yesterday have been settled – just about. Here is a short list of my mistakes and poor assumptions:

  1. I didn’t need the Stans Tubeless kit
  2. I just needed some tape and valves
  3. Rim strips are for converting rims, not for tubeless ready rims
  4. My tyres were NEVER going to seat with the rim strip!
  5. The Stans tape in the kit wasn’t wide enough
  6. A valve from an old inner tube is not the best valve to use
  7. The wheel wasn’t cracked or broken

I learned today a little about wheel technology and how different wheels are made and that small fissures are possible when the rim is cold joined rather than welded.

Wider tape should have sorted this out and Tubeless Round 2 will begin tomorrow.

WTB Tubeless Compatible System

The only thing I got right on my shopping list was the Airshot tyre inflator – thats a great piece of kit and here’s my review of it..

EDIT – After a puncture and burp free day of uplifting at BikePark Wales at the weekend my tubeless efforts paid off.

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