It was all going so well

Not quite the full circle
Not quite the full circle

I was having the best time yesterday at Dowies in the Forest of Dean. 4 weekends running I have been able to enjoy the Vitus and use it in an environment its designed for.

Yesterday I felt my riding improve and my confidence in the bike and my abilities growing by the minute.  Then I had my second puncture in as many weeks.  This puncture was in practically the same spot as the last one and on the inside of the innertube.

My intention to go tubeless was stepped up a gear and today I set about the rear wheel first with my kit from Stans and AirShot.

STANS No Tubes / Airshot
STANS No Tubes / Airshot

However, during the proceedings I noticed the bubbling sealant coming from under one of the rim decals.  I peeled it away and inflated again to see sealant coming out where the wheel should be formed into a complete circle.

I guess I should be grateful that I discovered this weakness before going to BikePark Wales next weekend.

Now its in the hands of ChainReaction Cycles warranty team.

On a positive note I can’t praise highly enough the Airshot system – I loaded it with about 120PSI and once I ditched the rim strip in favour of just using the rim tape the tyre popped onto the rim with a satisfying smack!

More on this when I get around to doing this with a new wheel.

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