3 out of 3

Post ride tea and cake
Cycling cliches – Post ride tea and cake…

So far October has delivered on the weather front. For the 3rd weekend in a row I have managed to get out and have a good ride in excellent riding conditions. This has been perfect for getting the feel of the Vitus Escarpe, especially as these rides have all involved technical riding and some down hill action.

Yesterday found us at some MBUK stomping grounds near Bath (we even bumped into bike journo Doddy on his way to session the same runs). This was a last minute plan as the weather and hopefully ground conditions seemed to be in our favour so we figured it was time to make the most of it; we were right and save for a few greasy rocks it was almost perfect.

The steep 1.2 km climb to get you to the Folly gets your legs and lungs pumping but you are rewarded with some nice single track, great views and then a full 1 mile gradual descent.  This trail is twisty and off camber, tight and rooty, and loads of fun!

The highlight of the ride is a great spot that has a few downhill options on reasonably inclined hillside (not quite the scale of last weekend’s ride though!). You drop about 100m along a trail distance of approx 500m and in between are everything you could hope for including numerous rock gardens, jumps, drops and switch backs.

Vitus Escarpe VRX
Vitus Escarpe VRX – getting to know you!

Altogether there are approx 4/5 combinations of routes down the hillside – plenty to keep you occupied for an hour or so.

I felt my confidence in the bike growing and after a few sessions on the same route found my times getting better.

As usual we ended up by the canal for a slice of cake before pedaling pack to the cars for the short drive home.

October has been kind so far, let hope it can cooperate next weekend as we head to the Forest of Dean.

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