Not This Time by TimFromWales

Not this time

Starting deep from under the posts
Williams has the ball in his hand
Looking to clear he kicks it sky high
Knowing precisely where it will land

The chase is on to the opponents half
He’s in the air with a single bound
Thud, thump and crash – they hit him hard
And suddenly he’s on the ground

The forwards pile in full of muscle and heart
for the ball they ruck and surge forth
Davies digs deep, and with his hands on the prize
He looks up and passes to North

Flying down the wing scattering opponents like skittles
He’s making yards as he runs towards the line
But he’s tackled and felled, to the ground he does fall
A try wont be scored, not this time.

Final of my “trilogy” of Welsh rugby poems written while helping my son do his English homework.

Love to hear what people think.

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