MagicShine MJ-880 and MJ-818 Lights

2000 lumens of award winning lights! What more could you ask for to illuminate your trail and brighten up your night rides?

The kind folks at MagicShine UK solved my night riding issues last winter by supplying me with a set of MJ-880 front and MJ-818 rear lights. Both powered off the same battery with a Y Splitter cable they operate at maximum for around 1-2 hours and then with some appropriate dimming, a further 2 hours can be achieved easily.  The MJ-880 alone can run for 2 hours on full power and as you can see form the video, turns night to day!

The lighted switch on top of the unit illuminates in 3 colours indicating approximate battery life

  • Green = 100 – 70%
  • Blue = 70 – 40%
  • Red = 40 – 10%
  • Flashing Red = less than 10%

The light unit itself is compact and small enough to be helmet mounted, which I have tried and it works really well as it weighs very little and you wont notice it there.. The MJ-880 uses a Y shaped rubber strap to attach to the bars and once in place it doesn’t budge. Similarly the hefty battery attaches with 2 strong rubber straps that can be adjusted depending on the frame size.

Its easy to use too  – “Pressing the left side of the switch starts the light on it’s lowest setting (10%). The click the right side to scroll through intermediate power levels (25%, 50%, 75% and 100%). To reduce power simply select the left side of the switch. If you wish to start at full power, just press the right hand side of the switch. To turn the light off, just press either side of the switch for approx 2 seconds. When the light head has been connected to the battery but not switched on, each light head emits a surprisingly bright green glow we think it’s rather cool! The MJ-880 light also includes a circuit protection board with over charge, over discharge and short circuit protection. In the event the light head surface gets too hot, the output will automatically be reduced.”

You can see just how bright these are by how well the trail is illuminated in the video and how I was warned by at least one motorist – cos he “noticed” me a little too much on a country lane. The rear light is often over looked and so many cyclists go for a simple battery powered light. The 818 is powered of the same cell as the 880 and delivers a real punch – you can see how far I travel from the camera and am still clearly illuminated in the video.

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