Ch Ch Ch Changes…

Vitus Escarpe VRX

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of getting on a new bike, and today I did this.

Selling my Giant Trance this week had been a bit of a dilemma. There was nothing really wrong with it, and since making the switch to 1×10 in the Spring it has seen a new lease of life.

I was quite sad to say goodbye to such a trusty bike but at 4 years old it had served me well and it was time to step up.

So after much searching, reading and procrastination, today saw me getting behind the bars of a new machine!

Not only was this a new bike, but it was new geometry, new wheel size, different tyres, different cockpit (wider bars and shorter stem) – basically a whole new ball game and I need to learn how to kick it…

I only had time for a quick spin today but it was a thoroughly enjoyable one. While the frame on the Escarpe doesn’t look any bigger than my old Trance, the bigger wheels and slacker fork makes it a few inches longer.

This was quite noticeable at first especially as the 45mm stem does as much as it can to stay out of view and let me see the front wheel in half its glory! Similar to my Genesis Alpitude, the forks are 150mm but beefier than the old Fox 32s or my Revelations.

Climbing felt tough today, and while the bike is a bit heavier, I put this down to some time off the bike of late and also some very sticky ground conditions.

Most noticeably the bike wants to bounce! And I don’t mean bob while pedalling, I mean it’s just easy to load the suspension and let it lift! I am not that accustomed to jumping (something I need to work on) so this is something I am sure going to want to watch out for.


The stem at 45mm is 25mm shorter than any previous one for me and the bars 50mm wider at 770mm. However the riding position felt perfect.

Like i said this was a quick spin today, a bigger ride will check the bike out better over the weekend. But for now I am feeling very positive about the decision to get this model.

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