Capra Conundrum

Capra conundrum

The reviews are in, or out, I don’t know the right term, either way everyone is loving the YT Industries Capra.

From the top carbon frame models to the entry level bikes, the Capra is currently representing (thanks in part to the weak Euro) very good value for money.

Kitted out with the latest SRAM and Race Face components, and a full compliment of Rockshox – reverb dropper, Pike forks and monarch shock – what is not to like?

Well, everyone is getting in on the act!

I am not a bike snob, but when I buy a new bike I want some one to be surprised by my choice or keen to want a look at something new. But at BikePark Wales on Sunday I saw SO MANY of them!

Not sure why I am bothered, cos in the end only I have to ride it and the value for money and the excellent reviews can’t be wrong can they?

Well I’m just about to go on holiday. I dare say in Greece I will see very few Capras around the pool or on the beach and I will have plenty of time to think about my next full suspension purchase.


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