New Beginnings

Specialized rockhopper 29er

The 29er has gone. Yes my Sepecialized Rockhopper has left the building and is off to pastures new – somewhere in Swindon!

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with that bike for a few years, never quite deciding if I enjoyed riding it or not. One minute I was having a great time riding cross country routes or commuting, the next I was gingerly descending a local trail perched right over the bars.

The thing is I was trying to use it for too much and I have learnt more so in the last 6-12 months that bike geometry really makes a difference and the differences exist for a reason.

The Rockhopper was an XC, possibly race oriented set up with a relatively steep head angle and when I tried to ride terrain that I also rode on my full suspension Giant, I felt a little unbalanced. So, to save the Giant mostly for trail centres I decided an alternative bike was required for local riding and a Genesis Alpitude turned up for sale right on my doorstep. Its slack head angle and long travel fork has been great fun and the 29er has been gathering dust.

Occasionally using it for some short road trips into the shops, I was finding a use for it, but something was nagging at the back of my head. Maybe, just maybe I should buy a road bike?

For the last year I have been tempted by the cyclocross idea, not racing but the idea of a road bike that I could take, well off road! And no sooner did I start to think more seriously about this in the last few weeks did yet another Genesis turn up, this time a CDF and on eBay.

So the funds have been raised by selling the Rockhopper and I will be picking up a “new” bike within the next few days. Opening a new chapter in my cycling with a Cyclocross or CX bike.

I am sure this will provide me with ample material for new photos and blog posts. Now I must go and clean my hard tail after last nights little ride where it got surprisingly muddy.

muddy Maxxis. HighRoller

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