Craghoppers 750ml Aluminium Bottle

Craghoppers 750ml Bottle
Craghoppers 750ml Bottle

Look, I’m not going to lie, I bought this on an impulse as it was by the till and it caught my eye. I have a Swiss SIGG bottle and I like the taste of cold water come from it (and it looks pretty cool), so when I saw cool matt black bottle from Craghoppers for £4.00 I had to pick it up. It’s sole purpose was to finish off the all black look of my Specialized Rockhopper and it looks great. My bike is just about ready for some seriously stealthy night riding! Its matt black so pretty soon its going to look worn and battered – but that will just add to the darkness!

Before you go what sort of a review is this – I say why are you reading a review for a bottle?

Its a bottle – you put water in it and it has a lid!

My only complaint: Oi Craghoppers its made from ALUMINIUM not ALUMINUM!

Craghoppers Black Bottle
Craghoppers Black Bottle

I bought mine from Mountain Warehouse – here’s the link to buy direct from the Craghoppers On Line store –

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