GoOutdoors cook set

It’s not all about hitting cool trails for me; yes that’s a HUGE part of why I ride a mountain bike but it’s also about enjoying the outdoors, the fresh air and occasionally the solitude. That’s why last week I bought a stove and some gas, loaded up my bike and pedalled out to make myself a cup of tea in the hills.

I am no expert on this subject matter and I know there are many specialist brands for this type of kit (Alpkit, JetBoil being two market leaders), but I went to good old reliable GoOutdoors and picked up a set of their own brand HiGear pots, a Vango stove and a JetBoil fuel can for about £35.

Mid Ride Brew Stop

The simple pleasure of a fresh brew while out doors is fantastic. It makes you stop for a bit longer than if you were taking a swig from a flask, allowing you to enjoy the moment in a whole new way.

Anyway, the stove and gas pack neatly into the pots along with a spoon, tea bag, small bottle of milk (I used an old whiskey miniature) and a lighter. Set up is a simple matter of screwing the small stove onto the gas and lighting it! I boiled about 500ml or water in about 3 mins and thanks to the stoves inbuilt windbreak the heat remains pretty constant.

This is phase one of my new outdoor adventure, next up some camping and eventually some bike-packing…

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