I haven’t been posting much over the last year or so due to work commitments and simply not having the time. Well that’s about to change.

Due to my personal circumstances I am now in a position to make this website work a little harder. Ok so actually, I intend to work a little harder on the website. I am also running 3 MTBs currently so have plenty of stuff to talk about. Here is an outline of my plans:

  1. More content, reviews, general blog posts etc
  2. Contributions from you, and you over there!
  3. Advertising and sponsorship opportunities – bold I know but lets see where it goes

I would like to offer some advertising space – very cheap £50 a month + VAT for 1 of 6 featured slots.  This will be put through my personal business which is VAT registered.

There are no plans to extend this beyond 6 for the foreseeable future as the website design lends itself to this number.

Regarding sponsorship – I ride with a small “team” of around 10 riders in Wiltshire and we would be very happy to be seen on the trails and on instagram wearing your kit, using your components and mostly making the most of your generosity.

If you would like to contribute content, products for review or inquire about advertising please head over to the Contact page now and get in touch.



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