Climbing and Descending Snowdon on a Bike

Snowdon by Bike
Snowdon by Bike

I am not a great climber. Maybe I’m just lazy and don’t push myself hard enough, maybe my technique is all wrong, maybe I pick the wrong gear – one way or another I am slow uphill. I am not happy about it but its where I am and I’ll settle for bringing up the rear when climbing.

Having done a few trips to France where climbing was a huge part of the process, the prospect of “riding” up Snowdon (Wales highest peak) didn’t phase me at all – it was the opportunity to tick off a bucket list item and to ride down the brilliant Rangers Path.

Just before the climb
Just before the climb

As part of our weekend in North Wales with MB Swindon, we had decided that Snowdon was a must and as the weather promised to be on our side we would have been stupid to have not taken the opportunity to climb in the dry, sunny conditions and enjoy the clear views from the summit.

An early start had on the mountain before 9am and we made our way…

Hopefully, the video will speak for itself. It was a slog getting up the Llanberis Path. We stuck together as a group so naturally we slowed each other down. It gets tricky when you stop and start and you lose some momentum. Sill it meant we could take in the views and enjoy the scenery.

The descent was tougher on some that others. I loved the loose technical nature of the trail. Not built for bikes its a mess really, with loose rocks and boulders and impossible sections with no pedal room or simply too rugged to ride. It was possibly one of my favourite descents ever and if someone had given me the opportunity to be dropped at the top and do it again I would have bitten their hand off.

Would I do it again? Absolutely yes, only if the weather would join us like it did last Friday.

Music: PowderFinger – Burn Your Name

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