It’s good here

old Roman Road Wiltshire

Right from my doorstep I have some great countryside. It’s not perfect, as I would love some mountains or miles of forest, but it’s great. Mountains are a bit hard to come by in Wiltshire but it’s reasonable hilly where I live.

I can ride my bike from my house and within minutes be climbing a short hill to the Cherhill Monument and one of Wiltshire’s many white horses. From there I can pick up the White Horse Way, Wessex Ridgeway and the Wansdyke.

White Horse Way

Further afield, but still in cycling distance are the forests such as West Woods and the Savernake, and not the World Heritage site of Avebury.

All of these areas can be explored on foot or by bike and I do regularly.


Miles of off road exploring are available in the form of the Cherhill Downs close to home and I have begun exploring more recently on foot with our latest family member Brodie. Since he came to live with us last summer he has gradually ventured further and has started covering some good distances and has helped me find some new riding spots.

Oldbury Castle

I recently acquired a second hand Genesis Alpitude hard tail which is now my weapon of choice for local rides. My Giant Trance will certainly get a few outings and will be used for trail centres etc, but the Alpitude is perfect for these rolling hills.

This post was supposed to go up before I headed to North Wales for the weekend – that will follow soon as will the video and photos.

genesis alpitude 26 hard tail

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