Moove MTB Torque Flat Pedals

Haven’t written a review for a while, but finally I have some new gear to share my thoughts on. Flat pedals are a pretty key part of your MTB set up: without them how are you going to rotate the cranks, to turn the wheels, to climb that hill, so you can come down again with a big smile on your face?

My Alpitude was crying out for a bit of bling and so what better way than to add some orange pedals. I will admit that my first stop was SuperStarComponents – having already had a more than satisfactory experience with their Nano Thru Pin Flats there was no doubt I was going to start with their pedals. However, no orange in stock! Time to moove on.

I had seen some favourable review of the Moove pedals and they looked pretty similar so I gave them a call and ordered a pair of the Torque Thru Pin Flats.

A few twists of an Allen key and they are fitted nicely and spinning freely. First impressions were the same as with Superstar – sharp grippy pins, mean my feet won’t slip but they are gonna hurt if they catch!

I’ve had a few rides now and combined with my 5.10 Freeriders the grip is as sure as I expected and had read. The fresh pins are even providing some much needed grip for my worn Teva Links.

Bottom line if you are looking for some pedals and £40 is your budget, give Moove a try – you won’t be disappointed.

Here’s the official word and a link to the Moove website:

Our best selling pedal. Large thin (17mm) concave platform pedal for better grip. It is possible to get a titanium upgrade version. Replaceable pins and bearings available. Torque Pedals (thru pin) Price is for a pair of pedals ie. 2 pedals.

Sealed Cartridge Bearings.
Durable rubber lip seals.
Replaceable pins. – See Pedal parts n our site
CNC machined for improved strength-to-weight ratio
2 x high quality DU bushings & 4 x sealed cartridge bearings
Body: 6061-T6
Platform size: 94 x 100 mm
Axle: CroMo
Weight of 2 pedals: 470g (with thru pins)

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