Scouting new MTB routes

One of the many benefits of getting a dog has been the additional exercise and fresh air that we collectively as a family have been getting. For me, a nice long dog walk also provides opportunities to check out new riding spots. Taking the gamble on the bike of hoping over a fence or into some woods can be fruitless and a bit of a drag if there is nothing to ride there. But with the dog its never a waste of time as we get to explore and just walk somewhere different.

We have explored a few spots this way and I have been able to add some extra loops to my local riding routes.

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Cool tree #lonelytree #wiltshire

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I also like riding alone to scout out new spots – nobody else to let down if you hike up a hill or through some woods to find nothing. The days are getting longer and a little drier (though not today) so there will be more opportunity to ride and dog walk in the light soon and more hidden gems to find on my doorstep.

Right now I am planning a route for tomorrow’s group ride that will take my fellow riders to new spots and show them new sections to link up our usual trails.

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