Back in the saddle


For the month of November I have felt like I have made far too many excuses not to get out on a bike.

I have had a lingering cold, but the other excuses have been a bit weaker.

1 – Hangover. Feeling very sorry for yourself the day after a heavy session feels like the right thing to do, but the truth is a little spin and plenty of rehydrating is the best cure. I know this cos I’ve done it before. So why have not done it recently?

2 – Wet, dark and cold. Come on – you’ve ridden in the winter before, get on with it!

3 – Not enough time. A few lazy weekends have left me me leaving it too late to get out and make the most of the day as other demands on my time encroach on riding time.

If I’m honest number 3 has been the most common excuse this last month, and it’s the weakest of the lot.

I often wax lyrical about having some half decent terrain and countryside to ride on my doorstep. Many a time I have been able to grab a quick ride and blast around 13-14 km in an hour or so – though that is so much more appealing in the spring and summer months.

Well today i dropped everything and went for a quick blast in the mud and setting sun.

Bike fitness fades quickly and I definitely noticed this today. Forgetting how quickly the sun goes down at this time of the year I went out at about 3.30pm and found myself racing home in the dark at about 4.45.

But I finally got on the bike for the first time in a month – that’s the important step.

Now I have to keep it up…

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