A few weeks ago (while it still felt like Summer), I took a diversion on the way home from a work trip to visit the much talked about Chase Trails at Cannock Chase. It was hot and dry and dusty, what better was was there to end the day sitting in the car and in meetings.

The Chase Trails incorporate 2 Red graded trails (Follow The Dog and The Monkey) that you can link together or loop around your favourite multiple times. Using the limited elevation in the woods the Chase Trail Volunteer group have created a superbly technical XC ride through some stunning forestry. With a total length of between 20 and 25km (depending on which sections are open/closed) and climbing of around 500m its good place to get in a few hours riding and really test your skills.

The trail is full of challenges, equally spread out to keep you interested and never allowing you to get bored. It twisted around the forest and at regular intervals you will come across some cool boardwalk sections, rocky drops and rock gardens.  Mostly these are all rollable obstacles, but occasionally you may find a bridge that is a bit narrow where getting it wrong will cause you to drop a few feet, The rocky sections and famous Wolf drop are all perfectly manageable features but often there is a well placed tight turn or narrow entrance between two trees to make you think twice and maybe have a look before you want to tackle it.

There some clearly marked Black Sections and the trail is generally well signposted with trail section names and marked so you know where you are or you have a reference point for a story to tell your friends!

I really enjoyed Cannock Chase and I would definitely visit it again if in the area. Its quite a drive from where I live and I could get to bigger trails in South Wales in the same time.

For more reviews and details visit iBikeRide and the Cannock Chase Trails websites.

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