‘Twas the night before Bike Village

And all through the house all Tim could think about was them big hills!

Well, I’m packed and ready for tomorrow’s trip. Bike and clothes sorted, boarding passes, passport and cash safely stashed and now all I need to do is go to bed.


This time last year I had no idea what to expect from a week in France with no ski lifts or gondolas. It was hard work, I loved it and it gave me a whole new attitude to my riding for the rest of the summer. I loved every minute I spent on the bike, I started to enjoy the climbs and my technical confidence grew.


Come the winter, the darkening evenings, the rain and the mud and soon things changed. Winter riding is still fun, but it’s not as easy to get out and the maintenance and kit cleaning takes so much longer! The result – fitness, my fitness at least, fell considerably.

The winter and non stop rain seemed to go on forever, and I started to get concerned about my fitness and just how much I was going to enjoy this years trip to Bike Village.


So plan B was formulated and I started to run. I hadn’t done this for years and certainly hadn’t done it properly before. The idea was, if I wasn’t able to fit in more bike rides then I was going to make up for it with running.

I have made some additional efforts and stepped up a gear with my interpretation of training recently. Is it going to be enough? Will the occasion lift me? Of course it will!

Roll on Sunday… Cos tomorrow we fly!!!



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