Let June Commence


As mentioned yesterday, June must see me increase my exercise level if I am to be fit enough for Bike Village in 3 weeks. So I started today with a few hours on the bike. Other commitments meant it couldn’t be an all day thing but I still managed a little over 30k and over 400m climbing.


First stop today (after a very tricky climb up a rocky bridleway) was some local rundown buildings for a few photos and a minor skills session. This little spot is where I have been having some fun recently and I must take a video camera and make a short film. It’s basically a flat piece of land but there are loads pallets and planks of wood around and I have been practicing my bunny hop and my balance.


A climb up to the Cherhill monument resulted in a puncture like I have never had before. A piece of Flint or some other sharp stone, sliced a nice whole in my tyre and inner tube.

Then I headed over to the Roundway and Oliver’s Castle (that’s Oliver Cromwell by the way). A beautiful local spot that form part of my occasional commute to work.

There is a nice little decent through a field that I thought I would check out for possible inclusion in next weeks ride that I am leading for MB Swindon. I am not sure this area has been ridden for a while as it was bumpy and muddy from horse and cattle hooves and the loop back route at the bottom was as muddy as I have ever seen it. I guess we won’t be going that way then!

Anyway, it felt good to be out in the sunshine and good to make a good start to the month.

Edit – also looks like I walked 6km today and started Day 1 of the Facebook Abs challenge…

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