Shimano AM45 SPD Shoes
Shimano AM45 SPD Shoes

Having spent much of the Winter riding with Endura Overshoes on it was time to switch to something that looked a little better with shorts! Me vain???

After much research (and finding a seriously good price) I decided to go for the Shimano AM45 SPD shoes. The AM45 and the AM41 (flat pedal version) are a pretty common site these days and after a ride or two its easy to see why. There’s not much to say really other than they are a solid pair of shoes. They clean easily due to the tough synthetic leather and rubber construction and the huge flap that covers the laces keep splashes and dew off your feet.

If you remember to put the sticky panel inside over the cleat (I forgot on ride number 1!) they are also pretty good at keeping the puddles at bay.

I find them to be stiff soled perfect for the SPD M530 pedals I am currently using, yet they are also comfortable with plenty of padding around the ankles. They are pretty heavy if I’m honest and I will possibly look for a lighter shoe for the summer however for the moment these are doing a superb job. Get them soaked and the already hefty shoe becomes very heavy, which isn’t a surprise as all that padding soaks up the water like a sponge.

As you can see from the photo above, all the reviews on The Gear Factor are real and products are bought (unless specified) and used by me (your average mountain biker). You will notice plenty of trail riders wearing the AM45 and their flat pedal counterparts when you are out and about – and take it from me, in this instance you could do a lot worse than follow the crowd.

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