Rapid Racer Products - NeoGuard

Its about the simplest and one of cheapest add on you will buy for your mountain bike. So why has it taken me 3 years to get one!?

The Rapid Racer Products NeoGuard is simple and effective. As your wheel spins forward, the muck and water that doesn’t get sprayed straight up between your legs gets flung forward and upwards in front of you. That’s OK I hear you say. Well yes it is if you are pootling along at a snails pace, but anything other than this and the spray of mud and water, dirt or even tiny stones will be presented neatly in front of you fo you to ride straight into!

For around £15.00 this is a must buy especially here in the UK.

They come is different sizes to allow for different fork travel and can be fitted in a few minutes by a some velcro fastenings. Don’t even think about this any longer, if you haven’t fitted on to your bike yet go and order one online or pop into your LBS right away. I need to get one for my second bike and one for my son.

For more details on the sizes available take a look at the official website – http://www.rapidracerproducts.com/NeoGuard.htm

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