A Change of Pace

MB Swindon Novice Ride
MB Swindon Novice Ride

My plans this weekend changed almost at the last minute. None of my usual Sunday gang were available this weekend so I decided to join MB Swindon for the first time this year on one of the Novice rides.

Next weekend I have volunteered to lead a Novice rated ride on my local tracks and trail. I thought it would be a good idea to go on one myself to get a feel for the pace and perhaps the ability of the potential riders that might join me. I’m glad I did – not least because the weather Saturday morning was so much better than the rest of the weekend!

It was good to go out on a gentle ride for a change. I packed light and due to the slow pace it was good to drift around the group and chat to riders I haven’t seen in a while. I made up for the lack of technical content by riding through as many puddles as possible!

We only did around 25k and it was flat on cycle tracks and bridleways. Our midway point was a cafe in the Cotswold Water Park and after everyone had a tea and slice of cake we headed back. Its important not to forget riders have different levels of fitness and abilities and MB Swindon caters for all levels.

My ride next Sunday will be a little more adventurous but we will take our time, leave no one behind and hopefully everyone will have a some fun, yet have push themselves just a bit.

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