Been Away For Too Long

I’ve been away for too long… I love this song and this band, I first heard Soundgarden some time around 20 years ago with the video for “Black Hole Sun” was freaking everyone out! I didn’t really like them if I’m honest – but this last 2 years or so I have grown to appreciate the dark and often strangely timed grunge guitar sounds of Kim Thayil and the whiny vocals of Chris Cornell.

Anyway, this musical treat is my way of saying “sorry” for not posting for a while and I promise to do better!

I have started a new job, the search for which and subsequent departure from my previous job has taken up some of my spare time. We have had Christmas and New Year and some pretty rubbish weather so I haven’t been out on my bike as much as I hoped I would.

But hopefully we are back on track, both here for the occasional rant and photograph and over on The Gear Factor for product reviews and often more sensible mountain bike comments.

So don’t go away cos I’ll be back soon with some more blog content and my 2014 plans.

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