Maxxis Beaver 26″


Most winter tread tyres look pretty similar these days. The technology behind the decision making and design of the tread is mostly the same no matter if you are Specialized, Schwalbe, Continental or Bontrager so I kind of knew what to expect though this was the first time I had put a proper mud/winter tyre on the Giant.

The Maxxis Beaver at 2.0 is the skinniest I have ridden on my 26″ full sus bike and at first they looked a bit weird when I fitted them this weekend. I had just taken off 2.4 Ardents so they did look a bit like their baby brother!

However it was clear instantly that these were going to be good for the ride. The Trance has a great suspension set up but not a great deal of mud clearance, suddenly there was more room and I didn’t get any clogging up or collections of twigs.

The tread is similar to that of the Storm Control I run on the 29er but the compound is a little softer. The sidewalls thinner and its altogether a lighter tyre. This felt great at speed and the bike was a lot more nimble than with the big old Ardents on.

I had heard that I should keep the pressure up to avoid rolling and tearing the tyre so I pumped them up quite hard. The result was a great fast ride considering the conditions.

This was a sort of dry run of the set up I want to use at the SPAM Winter Challenge and I think I am convinced.

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