Altura Mayhem Jacket

You don’t have to look far for a winter jacket before coming across Altura. One of the leading brands in cycling specific clothing offer a wide range of styles and colours for all weather conditions. The Mayhem waterproof is pretty simple but very effective. Rain bounces off and the seams are well made meaning that the 4 pockets are sealed well to protect their contents from the elements too.

Lets start with the pockets. There are as you would expect two deep side pockets for you to stuff your hands in while waiting for your ride partners to faff about or to keep a few essentials, such as an energy bar or two, a beanie or dry spare set of gloves. The single pocket in the chest area is also handy for a bit of food, or your phone or a small camera.

There is a rear/back pocket that is traditional in cycling clothing, but one I rarely use as more often than not I’m wearing a back pack. However it’s a well designed pocket with dual zip access that makes it easy for left or right handed riders.

The hood is removable and will fit in the rear pocket if you want to have it accessible for a long stop in the rain.

Altura Mayhem Jacket

The collar is high and will keep your neck protected from the elements and the cuffs fit snuggly around your wrists with help from some velcro straps to keep the cold wind and rain out. As stated above the Mayhem jacket is superbly waterproof and warm, so warm that even in the coldest conditions I found that just a long sleeve base layer was enough. This may put some people off if you are looking for a waterproof layer above all else, however there are some vent zips to keep you cool if do start to heat up. It’s perhaps a little too large to take off and stuff in your pack so it’s a jacket that you will reserve for the wettest and coldest of days but on those days it’s a superb choice.

If there’s a negative it is perhaps not the slimmest fitting jacket so we would advise you try before you buy to get the fit right, but coming in a selection of colours and sizes, and at a reasonable price (under £90 at most retailers) this is a sturdy, well made and very capable waterproof jacket.

Altura Mayhem Jacket

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