Magix Video Pro X

Magix asked me to write a few words for their Magazine about my experience with Video Pro X5 – here’s the article.

Action sports and videos go hand in hand; as an amateur photographer and movie lover it was only a matter of time that once I took up mountain biking I was going to purchase an action camera to capture my own adventures. However, video footage – no matter how good – is nothing without some editing, some music and FX.

A lot of my filming is done by myself of myself, this means I am limited somewhat by the kind of shots I can take. Bike, body and helmet mounts for the camera allow me to get some interesting angles but you have to mix them up to make a good montage. Magix Video Pro 5 provide me with all the tools I need to take my various angles and cut them together into a punchy entertaining edit.

Magix Video Pro X
Video Pro X5 allows for easy editing and previewing with two video windows so you can preview clips before adding them to the time line, and with simple tools I can scrub through my footage to find the moments I want to include and then use the Jog wheel for precise frame cutting for maximum impact. Video speed can be adjusted to slow down and highlight moments such as dirt and rock being thrown into the air as I skid around a corner.

This brings me to one of my favourite features on Video Pro X5. If I am filming off the bike my camera is usually fixed to a static tripod and therefore providing a static shot. The wide video angle of my camera ensures that I capture the action, but this also means I can capture a lot of additional content that I don’t need and distract from the action. Editing controls allow me to zoom in to frame the shot in the editing environment and even add a pan so it looks like the camera is following the action. These actions can be driven precisely providing maximum control and creativity.

Magix Video Pro X

For slower sequences I like to use fades and wipes for effects to transition from clip to clip or to simply blend and fade one scene in to the next. With many different video angles available with a helmet or a saddle mounted camera for instance, its fun to use picture in picture effects to show the action from two angles at the same time.

Finally, Video Pro X5 also has some fantastic audio editing tools. Timing video to drum hits or changes in tempo is critical for the viewer to feel the movie. Video Pro X5 shows a waveform on audio tracks so you can find those moments and time action precisely with the soundtrack. Audio plug-ins mean you can also find and filter out those random background noises that distract from the main audio and action. Layering samples and loops and adding sound effects is possible within the timeline if you want to create a custom soundtrack!

Magix Video Pro X

Exporting the video for uploading to popular video sites like Youtube and Vimeo is easy and you can save your preferences for these websites. Magix Video Pro X5 sets my creativity loose on my mountain bike and family video clips and in a practical terms it means that I can import video from my GoPro and stills from my digital camera of different formats and mix them seamlessly in one easy to use environment.


Want to win a copy of this amazing video editing software worth £349?

The multi-award-winning editing suite features an unrivaled range of powerful tools for detailed video and audio editing. Improved layout and performance guarantee an effective workflow. Innovative functions and the accumulation of years of expert experience in the field of software development guarantee professional results in perfect sound and vision.

Post a link to a mountain bike video below and tell us why you love it so much, why it inspires you, what you like about it….

The video can be your video, a race, bike tuning tips, skills tips, manufactures advert – whatever you like. Inspire us with your video choice…

We’ll chose the best submission and a winner will be announced at the end of November. Good Luck!

One thought on “Magix Video Pro X5 Review (plus Competition)

  1. Ok, so here is my contribution for the competition. Of all the awesome, cool, inspiring and beautiful flicks out there i choose one of my own!? Why? Let me tell you. I´ve been making shorties on cycling and family. I like to film but editing is the part of the process i enjoy the most. To have an idea, film it and try to make it as i planned. Often it turns out to something completely different when i start to work my way through the clips. The ones you thought would be super cool isn’t and the ones you made as an experiment turns out awesome. I use super crappy iMovie and would love to win a copy of Magix Video Pro X5 to take my editing to the next level. 😉


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