What do we do when we are not riding?

Not MTB riding

Its a Wednesday night. The wife is at some keep fit class and the kids are in bed. What do you do? No not that!!!

Mountain biking is a consuming passion and when riding, mostly we are trying think of when we can next ride or are planning a trip or scouting out a new location on the internet or even a good old OS map. If all else fails we are buying new bike parts at one of our LBS (local bike shop), a favourite online shop or all of the above!  We just can’t help buying new gear.

Shoes, gloves, socks, coats, pedals, quick release clamps, or tyres. Anything will do, any excuse and mostly the cost is secondary as the bike running smoothly or us staying dry and warm, or cool (its easy to forget we have nice weather sometimes) or even if its just looking the part, those things you simply cannot put a price on.

So enjoy your cosy night in, poor a glass of your favourite single malt, watch a film by The Collective or line up some YouTube and Vimeo shorts to get you in the mood and once you are inspired get your credit card at hand and hit the online shops cos its time for a treat…

If you fancy responding to this post, why not tell where you like to shop on line and why?

2 thoughts on “What do we do when we are not riding?

  1. Word up brother! Might as well have wrote this post my self. =) My money goes to CRC and on-one. But lately i´ve started to appreciate the smaller web shops like traversbikes.com and Charlie the bikemonger.

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