RedBull Rampage 2013 – results and review

RedBull Rampage 2013
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Like many other fans around the world I tuned in via my computer last night to watch this year’s RedBull Rampage live from Virgin, Utah on RedBull TV.

Having watched a few highlight reals from the Rampage over the last few years I was really looking forward to watching the whole event unravel live. It didn’t disappoint – well it did a little, but it was still an awesome spectacle and display of extreme mountain biking.

The action kicked off with Tyler McCaul setting the bar very high with his first run and it just got better… A few falls from Brandon Semenuk meant the contender didn’t really score. Brit Brendon Fairclough finished in the top 10 and represented the UK well! Highlights for me were some awesome tricks from Cam Zink, Kelly McGarry and Cameron McCaul. Two blistering runs from Andreu Lacondaguy made my night – I think he was robbed of a podium finish with some simply amazing moto style tricks at high speed! Fastest descent surely!

Cam Zink made history with the biggest back flip step down of the Oakley sender and Kelly McGarry blew the scoreboard wide open with his back flip over the 72 foot canyon gap!

Eventual winner Kyle Strait put in a solid run ahead of buddy Cam Zink with a suicide no hander off the same Oakley sender. It was a superb night of extreme mountain biking.

The disappointment came in the form of some high winds. This prevented what the public really wanted to see and that was Zink, Strait and McGarry fight it out for first place with their second runs. Rumours were front flips of the same gaps and senders – it would have been amazing to see what McGarry could have delivered with the final run of the day, with a win in his sights and well within his capabilities.

Maybe the wind was divine intervention. This year Rampage was bigger than ever and the tricks were breathtaking . A few falls and injuries stopped some riders and maybe enough was enough – these guys were pushing themselves to the limits and its more than possible that one of them could have done a serious injury (or worse) if the had pushed it harder.

For videos of the runs visit the Dirt website here.

So now we have to wait until 2014 but with rumours of Rampage coming to Europe or even a multi-location global series to come…

Final results:

1. Kyle Strait
2. Kelly McGarry
3. Cameron Zink

4. Andreu Lacondeguy
5. Tyler McCaul
6. Pierre Edouard Ferry
7. Cameron McCaul
8. Brendan Fairclough
9. Garett Buehler
10. Thomas Genon
11. Ramon Hunziker
12. Mike Montgomery
13. Logan Binggeli
14. Wil White
15. Geoff Gulevich
16. Nico Vink
17. Graham Agassiz
18. Kyle Norbraten
19. Brendan Howey
20. Mike Hopkins
20. Brandon Semenuk
20. James Doerfling
20. Antoine Bizet
20. Paul Basagoitia
20. Mitch Chubey

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