Giant Sole-O MTB Lock-On Grips

The saying goes “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” or in this case “if you like ’em but they’ve worn out buy the same ones again”.

I can’t quite see the second saying catching on as much as the first…  As usual the time comes to buy something new for your bike and you ask around and gather some advice, some opinions and some experience. This is all well and good if you want to try something new like tyres or you are thinking of upgrading a component on the bike and you want some advice before spending your hard earned cash. But some components do a simple job and don’t actually cost very much. Grips are a prime example.  It would be easy to try another brand as it would be a relatively low cost experiment – but why experiment when what you have does the job for you?

As you can see from the pic above my factory fitted Giant Sole-o Lock-On grips have worn. They have lasted 2 years. I don’t ride as regular as I would like to and I have 2 bikes but I still think that for approx £10 that’s a reasonably good value MTB component.

I like them – they come with blue branded collars to match my bike. The location of the lock being on the inside means they don’t get bashed about like some other brands and I have matched mine with some Hope bar ends to complete the anodised blue look.  They are comfy without being too soft and as I said above they aren’t expensive – RRP is £11.99.

The wavey pattern has worn on mine but only recently, this doesn’t affect the grip or feel too much with padded gloves and its only my fussy nature that has made me change them!

Giant Sole-O MTB Lock-On Grips

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