The Freeminer Trail – Forest of Dean


The Freeminer Trail

I set off for an early start today to meet some friends and ride at the Forest of Dean. The newly extend Freeminer trail was our main reason for visiting as well as riding the extremely popular Verderers.

The Freeminer Trail

I got to the trail center and parked up at 7.56am – first car in the car park! We had arranged to meet at 9.30 but I had decided to get there early and do some riding on my own. So I decided to familiarise myself with the Freeminers loop.

The Freeminer Trail

It was real treat to be at the park on my own and be the only rider on the trail. The FOD (Forest of Dean) trails are really popular and can get quite busy so this was great! The loop is only about 4 miles (6km) but there are some steep climbs and loads of technical features. Roots and switchbacks challenge you on the way up and drops and fast berms entertain you on the way down. And in between there are some great little jumps and table tops!

It really has a bit of everything and it takes about 40 mins to get around. During that 40 mins you get a great work out on the bike – forever swapping between climbing and descending. Just enough to keep you on your toes.

I loved it and it looked awesome in the low morning sunshine.

The Freeminer Trail

For more info on the trail and how to get there check the link below:

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