Sealskinz Mid Length Sock

Sealskinz Socks

These socks divide people. Yes they are waterproof and yes they keep your feet warm. There’s nothing clever about what they do – its basically 2 socks with a plastic bag in between them, providing you with a sock look on the outside and a sock feel on the inside and a waterproof layer sandwiched in the middle. So what’s the problem? Well waterproof has to work both ways so if water gets in in stays in. This isn’t ideal and some people prefer to rely on shoes or over-shoes to keep the water at bay. Personally, I wear flat shoes mostly and over-shoes are not for flats.

Most flat shoes are designed for much drier weather and for downhill or free riding – they have lots of padding that soak up and retain water like sponge. This is just something we have to adjust to and waterproof SealSkinz socks are my way of keeping that water away from my feet.

Pull them up high enough and wear trousers or something else (leg/knee warmers) that cover the edge of the sock and the water stays out. Stay away from knee deep puddles and you should be ok. I find them warm and comfy and have only had one issue with water getting inside. I also have a shorter pair (ankle socks if you like) of SealSkinz that are great for wearing on early morning rides or after a rain storm. Your shoes will get wet in the grass but your feet stay dry, but without the added and perhaps unnecessary warmth of the longer socks.

I would recommend giving SealSkinz waterproof socks a try if you don’t like wet feet!

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